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Ricky Jørgensen

Swiminstitute is a high performance concept with founder Ricky Jørgensen. Swiminstitute operate with 3 swimming pools on the same location. Analysis swimming pool, 25m swimming pool, outdoor 50m swimming pool and open water in the lake.

Ricky is an experienced national and international trainer in swimming, triathlon and open water swimming in national, European, World and Olympic championship but also on the Ironman on Hawaii.

Ricky was Champion and/or Danish record holder on the 200m, 400m, 800m and 1.500m freestyle and 3rd in the World Cup and 8th on the world ranking 400m freestyle.

After his swimming career Ricky became a professional triathlete and was one of the best open water swimmers in triathlons. For example, at the world championships in Perth in 2000, Ricky was first out of the water.

Ricky has been a head coach, an elite swimming trainer and talent developer since 1996.

He was also Danish head coach for the triathlon federation specifically on swimming and open water from 2003-2009. Last, Ricky is mental coach for high level athletes.

Shannon Rollason

Swiminstitute is a high performance concept with Australian Olympic swimming coach Shannon Rollason.

Shannon is a 4 time Olympic coach en 9 time World championship coach for Australia and Denmark. Shannon has been the coach of medal winners Jodie Henry, Alice Mills, Belinda Hocking, Rikke Moller Pedersen, Jeanette Ottesen and Pernille Blume. Jodie Henry and Rikke Møller Pedersen are still world record holders.

Shannon has a broad experience as AIS head Swimming, NTC head coach in Denemark, High Performance Coach in Edinburgh, ECT Performance Hub Head Coach, Head Coach of the Chandler Swimming Club and has been a professional swimming coach since 1991.

Wieke Hoogzaad

Swiminstitute is a high performance concept with former top triathlete Wieke Hoogzaad. Wieke is a human movement scientist and exercise physiologist. She is currently working as physical trainer at the Dutch Football Association (KNVB) for (assistant) referees in professional football and has her own company in training guidance. Wieke was also an elite trainer for top athletes Helle Frederiksen, Rasmus Henning and Torbjørn Sindballe at TRI-4 in Copenhagen.

Wieke was a top athlete with 3 Dutch championships, European champion, ITU World cup champion and participation at the Sydney and Athens Olympics as highlights.